The Making of a Soldier — Part 2

So, I got a few texts from my soldier yesterday! BOY, did that make my day! He is enjoying it so far and has already been given 2 nicknames–1 is SGT because he is taking a leadership role and helping those who don’t know what to do and the other is Crimson Chin (never heard of this before, but Hunter had) because he has a large chin. I think it must just look larger without hair on it! LOL!

Charley 1

So, they finished with Reception yesterday and today he is beginning his actual Basic Training Combat or BCT!  Weeks 1-3 are called Red Phase. Here is some of what he will be doing and learning this week:

  • Ballistics & Rifle Marksmanship Fundamentals
  • Personal Financial Management
  • Law of Land Warfare
  • Uniform Code of Military Justice (Military Law)
  • Dismounted Land Navigation (using a map & compass)
  • Fundamentals of Physical Readiness
  • Nutrition
  • Rappelling & navigating rope bridges
  • Drill & Ceremonies (marching)
  • Nuclear, Biological & Chemical (NBC) Defense (Gas Chamber)
  • Fieldcraft
  • Patrolling

These next 3 weeks are very compact in learning. We should hear from him this weekend with his address–he will have apprx 2-3 min to talk–then we won’t hear from him during the next 3 weeks and possibly more. They do this to help the soldiers get into their routine, help with homesickness and keep them focused on the training they are going through.

This is a hard time for them because life as they know it changes drastically during this time, but there are lots of things they will enjoy as well. I know Charley will really like the shooting, rappelling & gas chamber. Well, maybe he won’t “enjoy” the gas chamber, but I know our oldest Chris felt a sense of accomplishment when he completed that part! It is tough!

I can’t wait to get an address and be able to get letters from him! It will be nice to hear how he’s adjusting. He told me yesterday that he had made some friends, but that he was the only person from Tennessee there. I just told him to make TN proud! 🙂