What do you see when you look in the mirror?


Oh, what a loaded question this is! There are several ways to answer this question, but I can say that I am growing in my ability to look in the mirror more often.

I can tell you that there have been times in my life that I never wanted to see a mirror. They were 2nd ONLY to scales and I thought both were from the devil. HA HA! I still don’t “enjoy” seeing certain aspects of myself in mirrors, but here are some things I have learned on my journey.

1.  I am made in God’s image! I am beautiful in His eyes “Just As I Am”!

2.  Even if there are things about me that I want to change I still have beauty and value! God doesn’t make junk–people do! I have to be comfortable in the skin I’m in. And if I’m not comfortable in that skin, I need to do something about it.

3. I need to learn to accept compliments in better ways. When my husband, kids or friends compliment me, I need to learn to say “Thank You”…..not “Thanks, BUT I still need to……”! This step has been the most difficult for me. But since I don’t like my typical reaction I am “working on it”!

4.  I need to look at myself through other people’s eyes. My sons always say I’m beautiful and that I’m 29–mainly because they want something, but really that’s how they feel about me! They see ONLY the best!

5. Don’t speak negatively about yourself in front of your children. I don’t mean don’t admit that you’re wrong–I mean don’t say “I’m so fat.” ” I need to lose weight.” “I’ve got to go back on a diet.” “Look at my stomach.” or anything to that effect. Children, especially smaller ones, look to you for their self worth. You may tell them they are perfect or look good, but if you constantly put yourself down they won’t believe you. This is a prime example of how they get the idea that “you’re just saying that because you’re their parent”.

6. Don’t give empty compliments, but if there is an opportunity to compliment–say it! Sometimes just a couple of sweet words can boost someone’s confidence. They may be having a rough day, but a kind word sets them right back on track!

A couple friends of mine said things to that effect the other day — and immediately I started pointing out my flaws! Why do we do that? Well, I could get real deep here and talk about things that have made me feel flawed, but in reality I must change my attitude and that starts in my mind! I need to look at myself in the mirror and instead of seeing who I have been, I need to see who I am….and even who I can be!

God doesn’t look at us for what’s on the outside–He wants to see our hearts! That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t take care of what’s on the outside, though. I can tell you that taking care of the outside seems to help my heart.

At Zumba on Monday, my friend and I stood in a different place than normal. We were directly in front of the mirror. I wasn’t ecstatic about seeing myself dance and jump around in the mirror, but I made a little discovery. There was a little broken section of the mirror and in that section it looked like the “skinny” fun house mirror!! We took turns standing in that spot and then moving to the actual mirror and actually spent a lot of time laughing about it!

So, don’t look at yourself as though that mirror (or Hollywood or movies or People magazine) is your measuring stick–you will never “measure up” if those are your guidelines! God is our measuring stick for every area of our lives…and He has the “skinny” funhouse mirror glasses on….He might even let you borrow them! 🙂

All In

Yesterday was our first sermon from our new Pastor. I enjoyed listening to him preach this message on being “All In” in our Christian life. At the end of the service my boys’ football coach and his family came down to join our church and I was reminded of a theme from Football Camp a couple years ago appropriately titled “All In”. Our team is called the Trojans and a sword is on their helmets. He explained that they needed to be “All In” in every aspect of their life and this would carry onto the football field.

So, I went home and found my “All In” t-shirt. I even took a picture and posted it on Social Media! Ha ha!



What I thought of as I was working yesterday was this:

  • It’s easy to be “All In” when things are going well.
  • It’s easy to be “All In” when you first begin something.
  • It’s easy to be “All In” when you are excited.

But what about the times when things aren’t going well, or you have been doing the same thing for a while with not as many results as you thought, or when you aren’t excited anymore but tired?

I feel like Pastor Tony’s message was for me in more than just the spiritual aspect. I need to be “All In” in LIFE! In my relationship with God, my family, my friends, my health, my finances….EVERY aspect. I am trusting that when I start with being “All In” with my walk with the Lord that it will trickle down into the rest of my life, but I want to take it a step further. I want to APPLY it to all those areas instead of waiting on it to trickle down!

Are you “All In”? I know I am!