{Almost} Empty Nest

A baby bird takes 2 weeks to hatch from their egg and another 2 weeks to leave the nest. Wow! That is fast!

Humans typically get at least 18 years (and sometimes more) with their children. The first 9 months you are pregnant seem kind of slow, but when it’s over you feel as if it has flown by. I have come to the realization that the next 18-20 years flies as well. Mainly because I.Am.There.

I remember carrying my boys waiting on them to arrive, the late nights with sick boys when they were little, the teenage struggles when I got less sleep than I did when they were nursing every 2-3 hours, the tears I cried–both of joy & sadness…..Oh, how the time has flown. You are not alone sweet Mama (or Daddy)! Many have gone before you and many will go behind. Hang in there because being a Parent, although one of the hardest jobs you will ever have, is also one of the most rewarding.

I have a 23 year old who gave my first Grandchild 7 months ago yesterday! That 7 months has flown. They live 12 hours away, so when I see pictures or Skype she looks like she has grown so fast!20140205-112241.jpg

This week, my 20 year old son interviewed for a job (ahem, a career) an hour and a half away from here. If he gets it, he will be moving out soon.

My 18 year old is graduating HS in May. Tonight we have a meeting for 1 of his scholarships for College.20140205-112321.jpg

Don’t get me wrong….I’m thrilled my boys are growing into fine, young men! I just pray I have given them everything they need to be responsible and dependable and productive in life.

Hear me Mamas & Daddys! TIME FLIES! All these struggles with hair, clothes, chores, homework, etc…..they will soon be gone. My encouragement to you parents of young children today is this:

1. This too shall pass–If you are having a hard day, be encouraged that you WILL survive it.

2. Take a little time for yourself each day to breathe! Whether you are a working outside the home Mom or a working inside the home mom life can be overwhelming some days. Moms who work outside the home don’t have a break because they are doing so. They need wind down time too and their job begins again even when they clock out at 5. Moms who work inside the home need time to be alone because they are also on the clock.

Here are two things I did that helped me when I was in both positions….when I worked inside the home I made my children have at least 1 nap time together. I had a baby and a 22 month old, so I started as soon as the baby got on a schedule to make that happen. During that time I did NOT clean or work for at least 30 min. I rested, watched tv, read a book, prayed, ate a meal without sharing a bite, used the bathroom by myself….I.needed.that. and you.do.too!

When I worked outside the home, I took 15 min when I got home to sit down, take off my shoes and just breathe. If I couldn’t be in peace in the living room, then I would go to my bedroom and shut the door. It didn’t take long for the boys to understand that Mommy needed a few minutes before she heard “What’s for dinner?” “He hit me.” or any other myriad of things.

So if you are feeling overwhelmed, put yourself in time out! It will help! I promise!

3. Take/make time with your spouse! Put the kids to bed at least half an hour before you go to bed….even if they are older and you give them half an hour to read a book. You need time to talk and connect. Even swap babysitting one night a month with friends who have kids. It’s free and if “all” you do is have dinner in and talk, then it’s worth it!

4. Enjoy this time with your kids! Let me repeat that….ENJOY THIS TIME WITH YOUR KIDS! It really will be over before you know it! They will be standing on the edge of the nest flapping their wings and when you least expect it they will jump!

Now, I just have to remind myself of this on the days I secretly wish they were out flying instead of sitting on my couch watching tv and eating all my food! Ha ha! 🙂 There will be days like that too!

Press on my friends! Take care of that “baby bird” until they are ready to fly–then watch them soar! 🙂




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