A few Pinterest Projects

Today I had a few hours at home alone and decided to attempt a couple of Pinterest Projects. It still isn’t warm enough for me to paint my dresser (& I’m still trying to get my hubby to believe it will be as fabulous as it is in my mind), so I decided to tackle a couple of easy and FREE projects!

Project 1
The first one is the shoe rack with cleaning supplies. I put it in my hall closet (which is between both bathrooms). It holds a lot and it cleaned out the underneath of my kitchen sink.


Project 2

Since I had cleaned out underneath the kitchen sink, I decided to solve the unsightly problem of the bottom of the cabinet having water damage from a leak. I cleaned and scrubbed the wood, then dried it. I then got some 12×12 stick tiles that we had from an old bathroom project and set them in there to see what I would need to cut. I then took them out in the garage and used a square to draw a line, used a box cutter on the line and snapped off the excess tile. I peeled off the backing and stuck them down…there was a little piece of each corner I needed to trim to fit around the door, but they fit perfectly. I laid some heavy objects on top of the tiles until they had time to set and then put back in the items I was leaving under the sink.


Project 3

I remembered I had seen on Pinterest about a way to refill Swiffer Wet Jet bottles. I had saved my last one and decided it was worth a try. I am typing the directions, but click here to see the pin I used.

You put on a small pot of water to boil. Once it comes to a boil, use a towel to hold the end of the bottle and dip the top into the boiling water for 15 seconds. Once you take it out, screw the top off and use a funnel to place your choice of cleaning fluid and water. Use the directions on your cleaner to decide how much to use. Screw the top back on the bottle and mop that floor!


Project 4

I used this nifty hanger that I already had (& had previously used to hold the shoe holder from Project 1) to make more room in my closet. I decided it was perfect for my tank tops, so I have them organized by color family and hanging in a row. Did I say WAY more room?! I don’t have enough drawer space for them, so this was the perfect solution.


Grand total of all these projects = $0. I did everything with someone I already had, so literally it had to be pennies. Now, if it will just get warm so I can paint my bedroom furniture!  I might even need another day when Brian won’t be home so he will just have to love it after it’s done. 🙂

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