A few of my FAVORITE Apps

I am such a techie girl! You can take the girl away from the iPhone, but you can’t take the iPhone away from the girl–Yes, this is ME! I spend a little great deal of time on my iPhone. BUT–in my defense I do have a lot of great apps that help me stay organized and be productive.

Here are some of my favorites in no particular order:


This FREE app allows you to scan and use all those little loyalty cards that you get from everywhere. Just pull up the app and flash that card! evernoteEvernote

This FREE (with some paid upgrade extensions if you choose to add them) app has ALL kinds of great little goodies!  My FAVORITE thing about this app is that any note you type into it can be “tagged”–just like tags on your blog and all those tags are searchable! BRILLIANT! So, it takes a little time to become familiar with this, but do a little google searching on what people are using Evernote for and see what applies to you. I use it for recipes, blog ideas, bills, notes and many other things!


This $2.99 app is worth every penny! I am a color-coded kinda girl when it comes to my calendar. With a husband, myself and 3 kids I learned in order to keep up I needed to color code my paper calendar. This calendar allows me the same flexibility, yet it is always with me! It imports from Google, Exchange, Outlook & Yahoo and you can also type directly into it. It is also searchable. Like I said–worth every penny!

intuitIntuit Money Due

I use this handy-dandy FREE app to keep up with people who owe me money for my photography business. I only use it for weddings because those people can pay deposits and then make payments or pay in full. Instead of me having to keep track of that some other way, it simply keeps track for me. I can also send a receipt when a payment is made or send an invoice reminding them of the amount due. You can coordinate this with your calendar & contact information and have a great all around system for your small business and run it on the go.


This FREE app is a very convenient way to receive payments for anything! Things you make, things you sell, your small business, etc. It charges their credit card immediately and generally the next business day your money is in the account you linked up with (minus the small % fee for their service).


This FREE app is the same as Square in that it takes money, but people can use their bank account or credit card info and never have to share it with you. Also, it takes approximately 3 business days to get your money this way. It is a great alternative if you buy and sell items, goods or services.


These are just a few of my favorite and productive apps that help by keeping me organized. Do you have some favorite apps? I would love to hear from you!

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