What’s in a name?


Coming up with names for things is hard. Everyone has had this problem in one way or another. Even if you haven’t had children (& let me tell you getting 2 people to agree on 2 names is not an easy task) I’m sure you have named a pet or a doll or even wondered why in the world your parent chose the name they did for you! Now, to go on record, I LOVE the names that my parents chose for me…..always have! I have just known people who didn’t.

While compiling a blog that will post on Tuesday introducing some of my blogging friends, I was reading through their bios and really thinking about the names of their blogs. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory because it’s part of a name or goes along with the theme of their blog. Mine, however, might need a little explanation. So I thought I might share the meaning of my blog name. šŸ™‚

Obviously the “Through My Eyes” part is pretty easy….it’s like life through my eyes or how I see the world. Kind of like you are walking along with me and you can see what I see. Now, the numbers are something no one would know unless they really knew me. 4893 – it is the date I got married 4/8/93. So, I chose something special to me to differentiate my blog from others.

And then my “tag line” is Life Changes. Are you ready for change? Life changes every day. We have to be ready to change with it or we are left behind. My life has changed a lot! It changed when I accepted Christ (although I don’t know the date because I was 8 and had a lot of family problems in that age range). It also changed on the day I married my husband and continues to change–when I had my children, each stage of life both they & we have gone through, in heartbreak, in happy times, life keeps changing!

So, that’s what’s in my blog name. How did you come up with yours?

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