My $20 dresser update

I have been wanting to update my dresser for a long time! I even took one of the drawer handles off, carted it to Lowe’s and spent time in the aisle trying to match the size to something more modern. My problem was that my old drawer handles were wider where the screws go in than most newer ones. I had an option of choosing all new knobs (about $50 for the ones I wanted–not counting paint for the pieces) or painting the existing handles. Since I wanted to do this on a budget, I opted for painting my current hardware.

So, I drug the dresser outside (with a little help from one of my sons) and got to work! Here is my dresser before


This is what the handles looked like on the drawers. And don’t mind my headphone wire in the photo. I needed to listen to something while I was working! 🙂


I also pulled Brian’s nightstand out to paint it. He has had it since we were dating and it needed a lot of help!


So with 1 can of 2x coverage paint, 5 cans of 2x coverage black paint and 1 can of a matte metallic paint, I turned those dressers into these works of art! I actually also painted the shelf that the tv is sitting on the same color as the handles (it was white before).



Both pieces are painted inside & out, so the inside of the drawers are black as well. I chose a semi-gloss/satin finish that works well with the handles. I LOVE the transformation!

What can you do with 2 pieces of furniture and $20?!