Bible in 100 days–Encouragement


So, how am I doing with reading the Bible in 100 days? Well, I believe I’m doing pretty well. Now, I have had to catch up a little–life does sometimes throw that “perfectly planned” schedule curve balls. If you are reading along with us, DON’T GIVE UP!

A friend of mine in this group suggested a Bible app that she uses that reads to you. Now, I would rather sit down with my Bible and highlight and write (remember–I love pens and stationary), but when I’m in a time crunch or trying to get caught back up, I can turn that on and listen with my Bluetooth Speaker when I’m in the shower, getting ready or driving down the road. It’s a pretty cool thing. Plus, it helps you through all the generational names. So, not my every day go-to, but definitely a great addition to my Bible reading.

The phrase above says it all to me–If I’m “too busy” to spend time with God, then I’m TOO BUSY! Now, I will tell you that I’m NOT the perfect wife, perfect mother, perfect housekeeper, perfect cook or perfect ANYTHING! I am FLAWED! But I want to spend more time with God this year than I’ve ever been able to willing to spend before. My LIFE depends on it and so does yours! You may not see it as something that’s important to you, but I can guarantee you if you would take a week (7 DAYS FOLKS) to pray, read the Word and focus on your blessings in life that you would feel better than you do right this instant! As they say with food…..”Try it! You’ll like it!”.

Do you have any prayer needs? Do you need help getting started? Do you need a Bible? I can help with all that! You can start today working towards a better YOU. And what happens when you are better? You share that with the people around you–kind of like the flu, but people actually WANT this! 🙂


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