Never put off to tomorrow……

Procrastination–we’ve all done it. You have that thing that needs to get done, but there’s this other thing that you would rather be doing. Or, if you’re like me, you are FINALLY working on that thing and then you go to another room and BAM! Now you’re distracted and forgot all about said thing you were supposed to be doing.


There are all kinds of sayings out there about procrastination. Google the word and click on images and your page will be FILLED with funny sayings or pictures like these about procrastination.


Do you know what that tells me? This is a widespread problem.

This is definitely the story of my life at times. What kinds of things do I procrastinate about? Anything and everything! I like to consider myself as being “Organized. A good multi-tasker. Works well without supervision.” Yeah, those kinds of things you would put on a resume. But in reality, I’m not always like that. I procrastinate about housework, actual work, working on a budget, filling out taxes, working out, making phone calls…pretty much anything that you can put off I have at one time or another. But WHY?


I heard a saying a long time ago called “swallow the frog”. I also recently read something very similar in the book Living Well, Spending Less: 12 Secrets of the Good Life.
In Part 1, Secret #5, the Author writes how we should start with the task that we don’t want to do or is the hardest. Then, once that’s out of the way the rest of the day should flow much easier. It makes sense–it’s just hard to put it into practice.


Most people like the “mini accomplishments” of checking off those 20 other things that are on the To-Do list because all those checks for the little quick things look so cute on your paper. But what happens is you do all the little quick things and when it’s time to do the thing you dread, you start making excuses….”Oh look! It’s lunchtime.”; “I need a break.”; “Someone just came in my office, I need to get back to that.” And SO many others. Then, by the time you realize it, the day is GONE!

Proverbs 13:4 (HCSB) The slacker craves, yet has nothing, but the diligent is fully satisfied.

So, I’m hoping to start putting into practice doing the big stuff first. It’s not going to be easy and it certainly won’t be fun, but  instead of dreading it all day I will get it over and then look forward to the rest of my day. That gets that weight off your shoulders early instead of you having to carry it all day. It’s like carrying a backpack with a BIG rock and a bunch of feathers in it. You can take out the feathers one at a time when you do the small tasks and continue to carry the rock around all day. Or, you can take the rock out first and only have to carry the feathers! I know which sounds better to me.


I hope you will be encouraged to “swallow the frog” and join me in eliminating procrastination from your vocabulary! Now, let’s get started…… tomorrow TODAY!


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