BB  20140205-112321.jpgI am a Christ follower, a wife (for almost 21 years), a mother & a grandmother to Chloe–who lives WAY too far away from me–thank goodness for technology. (My name to her is BeBe). I love my family and spend most of my “free” time with them. Who really has free time?!

My husband and I love to hike the Great Smoky Mountains! We even hiked Mt. Leconte last year for our 20th anniversary! I enjoy taking pictures and even have a side job doing that. I love people and enjoy the ability to meet new people through my photography job. I donate my photography to our local Chick-Fil-A for events and am working on a project to start donating it for our local Humane Society as well. I have a full-time job Mon-Fri that I have worked for the past 15 years! So like I said, what free time?! 🙂

Our boys are grown–our oldest lives near Kansas City, MO with Brittney & Chloe, our middle son & youngest son still live at home, but probably not for long! Our middle son is in the Army National Guard and also has a job during the week. Our youngest will graduate High School in May and will be attending a local college to pursue a degree in Criminal Justice. I am not a Mom of little boys anymore–ours have almost flown the coop! So these days, Brian & I have a lot more time to spend with each other and we actually enjoy it. It’s sad when your children grow up in a way, but that means you get to reconnect with each other.

I am making life changes for 2014, so stay tuned. This year is definitely going to be interesting and hopefully we can learn from each other. Please feel free to comment on my blog. I welcome the feedback!

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