What’s in a name

2 plane tickets $300
Hotel & Rental Car $200
Getting to take maternity pictures for your first grandchild- priceless!

I have been excited about this ever since Tammy asked if I was interested in planning a trip. The day before we were flying to Kansas there was a huge snowstorm “Q” that completely covered most of Kansas/Missouri! We were hoping we could get there and not be delayed…..especially since I was driving 3 1/2 hrs to Tammy’s house!

That day the entire airport in KC had been shut down, so we weren’t sure what the next day held for us. Once I got there, we were double checking and re-packing our bags. We were also trying to decide what we would take for them to have to wear for pictures out of the clothes we had, going through props and pictures to decide what to take.

We went to bed late, but I couldn’t sleep a lot because of the excitement. I just kept checking the phone for updates. I finally just got up and showered so i could be ready. Tammy got up just a few minutes after me, so we double checked all our luggage & we headed to the airport.

We got there and enjoyed our wait. We just milled around and took a few pictures. Here is us at the airport and also on the plane.



The plane ride was great and short, but when we landed we realized the entire runway was covered in snow! That was a little scary, but our pilot did a great job and you would never have known if you weren’t looking out the window.


Once we got near KC we could see all the snow through the clouds. I have never seen that much snow before. Maybe 1 time TN got anywhere near that much snow and I was a little kid.


The airport was lots different than what I am used to (in my very limited amounts of flying), but we went straight out into the corridor and had someone snap a quick picture of us in the airport.

We left the airport in our rental car, grabbed a quick bite and checked in the hotel. Just look at all the snow piled up at the Wendy’s where we ate!

Then we headed to Brittney’s house to meet her and her family and to wait on Chris to get off work. We had both missed him so much and hugging his neck was worth it all!


We had a great time getting to know them and searching for baby pictures of Brittney. Once Chris got there, we headed out to eat. We were all hungry, especially Brittney!

Our choice was Cracker Barrel and while we were there we found some pink owl booties that were perfect for the pictures the next day! We headed back to the hotel and spent a long time just talking about all kinds of things.

We got on the subject of names and they had picked a name they liked, but were having a hard time picking a middle name. We talked through a lot of names and nothing seemed to fit. Tammy explained that picking a name was important and you have to pick a name that you feel like they won’t get picked on for later in life. Chris left the room for a few minutes and as we were talking I had this thought.

I said how names should have a meaning. So, I told Brittney that they couldn’t really name the baby after her daddy (since she is a girl), but they could come up with a name that had the same initials. She loved the idea and said she had liked the name Chloe, but she didn’t think Chris liked it.

When Chris came back in Brittney told him I had an idea — then she made me tell him. Lol! (She is so cute!) So I told Chris about the initials and his face just lit up and he had an ear to ear grin! (Yep, he’s already wrapped!) Brittney said she liked Chloe, but she said he didn’t. Chris said he DID like Chloe, he just didn’t know what name to put with it. Then came the task of going through all kinds of names that started with an S.

We all 4 started throwing out names. Some we were serious and others were completely just silly! Tammy & Chris were talking to each other and all of a sudden Chris said he really liked Savannah. So we started saying the names together and while Tammy was talking to them I jumped up and took the scrabble letters and spelled it out on the bed (I’m a visual person). We took pictures of it and they said they really liked it.

After they left Tammy & I talked about how happy they were and we really wanted Britt’s parents to like it and for them to have a peace about the name. We liked it a lot and practiced saying Chloe instead of “the baby”. 😉

And that’s how Day 1 ended. Boy, we had lots to do the next 2 days! But we were like teenagers talking and not sleeping a lot. We were just so excited over this special time we got to spend with them!

Day 2…..coming soon!