Pets are family-1 year with Sadie

Yesterday, February 8th, marked our 1 st year with Sadie. Oh what a blessing she is to our lives!

Here is our story on how we acquired her. On December 31, 2012, we lost our beloved full-blooded Chocolate Lab, Hershey.


We purchased him as an 8 week old puppy in October of 2001 and he was part of our family. He had been with our boys through their childhood…our youngest was only 6 when we got him. So losing him was very difficult. We actually never thought we would get another dog. It was a month before I could even watch a commercial with a dog in it (think Subaru commercial-chocolate lab–{insert tears here}).

We went to Tractor Supply one day and they had some dogs outside one day from a local facility. Oh how I loved hugging on them. Then, I looked on our local Animal Shelter page and saw a picture of a dog we thought was cute. It was snowing and cold, but we decided to go anyway. The dog we were looking for was a yellow mix. She looked cute in the picture. When we arrived, we found the dog but the sign said she was being adopted.

We were sad and cold because of the weather, but decided to take one more stroll through the cages anyway. We looked, talked, petted, and even moved away from each and every cage. We saw a cage with 1 dog in it next to a cage with 3 dogs in it. We were told that the boy dog kept jumping out of the cage his sister was in and into the other cage. This is the face we saw when we looked into the cage with the 1 dog.


Isn’t that the cutest face! She looked so sad and just seemed to be begging us to take her with us. We decided we would get a leash and walk her. All the while, the 3 dogs in the next cage were barking like crazy. We think her brother was definitely the alpha dog, but she didn’t seem to care. She was VERY skittish when we first opened the cage, but once she realized we were taking her for a walk she was excited! She was very good on the leash and just had to stop and sniff everything. Her fur was so soft and she had the prettiest eyes. We talked about getting her and we were going to go look at Tractor Supply for a bed, leash and toys while we talked it over and decided for sure.

The weather kept getting worse, but by the time we decided we were going to go back and get her on Monday I had seen a FB friend post a picture of her saying they had adopted her and were picking her up on Monday. My heart was broken. We wanted her so bad, but just decided it wasn’t meant to be. I sent a message to her and told her I was happy for them and that if they hadn’t gotten her we had planned to get her on Monday.

That Friday, that person sent me a message and they had run into an issue and weren’t going to be able to keep her after all and wanted to know if we wanted her. I told her we absolutely DID! Since it was a weekend, they brought her to us and I was going to contact the Animal Shelter on Monday to see what needed to be done to get her transferred to us. We wanted to do everything the right way for fear we would lose her again. I actually contacted a friend of mine that volunteers at the shelter and gave her the story. She talked with the director and assured them that we loved our new fur baby and we would be really good parents. I’m SO glad everything worked out because she had our hearts!
This is the picture of her after her 1st night with us!

One thing you have to remember and be aware of is that animals that come to the shelter have all kinds of backgrounds. It was immediately evident that our girl had been abused in some fashion because she was terrified of most men, quick movements, loud voices and pretty much her own shadow! It was a very sad thing for us, but we knew that once we proved we were her family (and she accepted us as such) that she would be fine. And she is better than fine! We are FAMILY! This is such a personality shot of her!20140209-205127.jpg

Here are some cute things that she does that make us smile:

  • We tell her she is part cat. She loves to lick her paw and clean her face and she LOVES milk!
  • She has to have a collar/bandana on at all times. If you take them off, she puts her nose back into them basically begging you to put them back on. We believe that is part of her identity. I don’t know if she had a collar before she went to the Humane Society, but she acts as if she didn’t. Like this is WHO she is.
  • Every time we change her bandana, she prances around and wants to “show it off” to you.
  • 20140209-205100.jpg

  • She has a particular chair and blanket that she prefers. We still have the first dog bed we bought her, but she is too big for it now. We bought her a large pillow, but she doesn’t like it. She would rather be sitting beside you or snuggled up in the chair.
  • She HATES a cage of any kind! I will never try to put her in one because it is too traumatic. Been there/done that/never again!
  • She doesn’t sleep with us all night, but she always comes to our room in the mornings and jumps in the bed. She wants to be near us.
  • She knows exactly what and where her leash is and you’d better spell it if you’re talking about it. Otherwise, she thinks she is going on a trip. She gets very excited when you get it.
  • She doesn’t scratch to go outside or really do much of anything except just look at you. If you ask her if she needs to go outside, she starts turning circles. And she loves it when you hook her up to her cable and say “Ready! Set! Go!” when you open the door.
  • She rarely makes a peep! She is the quietest dog we have ever owned. If someone knocks on the door she will bark or if she doesn’t know someone, but most of the time she doesn’t.

She made several trips with us last year. She is a great traveller. She went with us to Ft. Jackson, South Carolina in April, Ft. Eustis, Virginia in July, Missouri (almost Kansas City) in July and Ft. Eustis again in September along with countless other short trips. She goes everywhere with us and a “pet friendly” hotel is the only kind we will stay in.

Having an animal that you love and loves you back is such a blessing. I wanted to write this post to share about our Sadie, but I also want to encourage you to help out the Morristown Hamblen Humane Society by adopting a pet, volunteering and/or donating items they need. I have a friend who is a volunteer at the Humane Society and has a huge impact there. She will be writing some information on how you can get involved for a future post! I can’t wait to share it with you!