Sunday ride

When I was a child, a Sunday afternoon ride meant piling the 4 girls up in the family Impala and driving around the town we live in. My baby sister (who is only 13 months younger than me) always had to sit in the middle in the front while us other 3 fought over the window seats.

I liked Sunday drives enough. The only problem is, as a child, I also thought they were kind of boring. We were driving around in the city we lived in, so we had seen all this before. Dad would tell us the same story about a haunted house, even though it was just abandoned and falling down. We would grab that same bucket of chicken and sometimes go to the pool to swim.

My kind of a Sunday drive now, is getting out and really enjoying my surroundings……on a motorcycle! 😉


There is something about seeing the world more clearly without tinted windows blocking your view! Where, on a cool day, the temperature goes down 10 degrees in the shade. Riding on those back road curves you can’t wait to feel the warmth of the sun again.

You can smell the individual smells of the grass, the hay and yes, even the cows! But, nothing compares to this ride because it is real and each ride is different. Even if you are on the same road, you see things in a different light! You aren’t afraid to take that back road to see where it goes! Then you find out it goes by some of the most beautiful barns and farms there are.

These people live off the land! Their corn has all been harvested and is now resting in their silos. The hay has been cut and is rolled into large, round bales or is already loaded in their barns.

These are just some of the reasons I prefer to ride a motorcycle around our beautiful areas in East TN. Here is another:

I get to spend time with the man I love! And sometimes, he even takes me to covered bridges or scenic areas that he knows I love so much!

So, next time you go for that Sunday drive (even if it is in a car with windows), take time to enjoy the scenery around you that God has provided. It will be worth it! Happy Fall!