Happy Birthday Sadie


When Sadie came to us a little over a month ago, we thought we knew how old she was. Then I looked on some papers from the vet and they had her a year older than we thought. I was concerned, but had basically come to the understanding I was going to have to just make up a day for her birthday!

When I took her to get spayed, I also took her microchip we got from the Humane Society. I had called a couple weeks earlier to get the information on it changed over and they had told me to call back in a couple weeks to verify the information had been updated and so I could get a username & password for their website.

So, I logged in and added more phone numbers (it’s imperative for you to have as many updated ones as possible) and also a picture of Sadie. While looking around on the site, I found the Humane Society had already entered some information, such as her weight and her birthdate! We had a birthday!!!!! And it was in less than a week!

So, today is the BIG day! Sadie is a year old, is healing very well from her spaying and has captured our hearts! She loves to “talk” like you’ve probably seen in some of my videos. (Here’s a clip if you haven’t.) Sadie Talking

She also loves “hugs”. Every day when we come home from work she jumps up (standing on her back legs) and hugs us and waits on lots of talking & petting. After a minute or so she gets down and she’s good the rest of the night.


Sadie is a very quiet and mostly extremely well behaved dog. She loves to snuggle & loves to sleep. If you are looking for an animal to share your life with, please consider adopting from a local shelter or pet rescue. There are so many animals out there that need a good home. Here is a link to the Hamblen County Humane Society MHHS Facebook Page

Think of all the memories you will be creating with a little pet food, a warm place to sleep and a lot of love!