End of a season

All good things must come to an end. That statement sounds like good advice, but when you are at the end of something you love, it isn’t easy. The end hurts. Depending on what it is the end of you may be hurt, sad, disappointed, angry. Last night, I’m sure those emotions and many others were felt as we ended our 2012 Football season.

We started the season out pretty strong even with the relatively young team we had. Then we had a few of our key players get injured early in the season. Yes, there was adversity, but we fought through together. Our team never gave up….win or lose.

Last night was no exception. Even though our team didn’t walk off the field victorious in the game, they walked off victorious in life lessons. What they have been taught by their coaches will never be forgotten…Hard work, determination, working together, giving life your all on & off the field and faith. Those are attributes these young men will carry with them forever.

I remember the feeling of being a Senior parent last year & I will do it again next year. I cried. It hurt knowing I would never get to see my son run onto a football field again. I know what those boys feel doesn’t even compare to my sadness. But, I also know that even though it hurts, life goes on. They have been prepared for adversity from the beginning. You’ve got this boys!

Enjoy the rest of your Senior year because it will be over in the blink of an eye! Remember what this season taught you. Stay true to yourselves and keep your friendships alive. There are great things in store for you! Go out there an apply what you’ve learned to the next stage of your life and you won’t fail!

Once a Trojan, ALWAYS a Trojan!