Organizing & Wishing

So, this “New Year/New Me” wants to be focused, but she also wants to be organized. I have scoured Pinterest and dreamed of having that perfectly organized home, but I know that having a hubby & 2 almost grown boys still at home that isn’t going to be my reality. So, what do you do when that’s where you are? Well, here’s what I’m going to do.

My goal is to spend a little time each night organizing small spaces. After working all day, making supper, running errands, washing clothes, etc., there isn’t much time to tackle something large. I wind up getting started, getting distracted, getting started again and then, before you know it, it’s bedtime! (Must be my adult “ADD”)

Tonight I began with my laundry closet. It’s not a large space, so I felt it was safe for my first night. I read a blog tonight by someone who was going to organize her home for $0. As I read, I realized how guilty I was for thinking I needed the cute containers or the bigger space before I could really organize.

I didn’t take a before picture, but here is what my laundry closet looks like after about 15 minutes of cleaning out & organizing it.


I have a garbage can for when I clean out the dryer screen, a basket & glass jar for putting the change & other pocket items I find, a hand towel to dry my hands on, all my homemade detergent, certain cleaners and hangers. I’m definitely happy with my first project!

So, I will continue to update you on my progress. Maybe you will find some things that make sense to you or that will help you become more organized this year. If you have suggestions for something that has worked for you, please share! 😉