A furry addition

Wow! How things work out sometimes! Who knew after losing our beloved family pet of almost 12 years that we would have another furry addition 1.5 months later!

We have never been in a position to have an indoor pet before. Hershey had been indoors as a pup, but got big pretty fast and needed to go outside. By the time we would have been able to bring him inside, he was already too old & definitely set in his ways to house train.

We finally got to the point we could look at dogs again without crying. Of course, we certainly didn’t expect to find one. We had been looking on Craigslist and at the Humane Society. We knew it would be easy to find someone who bred puppies, but we really didn’t want to start with a puppy. Plus, we thought it would be great it we could save an animal.

We went to the Human Society one Saturday….actually the Saturday it snowed. We looked at all the dogs and found one we really liked. We took her our of the cage and walked her in the snow. We thought she was a great dog, but it was hard to make that decision. Partly because we knew it was a BIG responsibility and partly because we wanted to be sure we were ready.


We drove to Tractor Supply and looked at crates, dog beds and other dog items. We talked about how we knew the dog we had just seen wouldn’t last long because she was such a great girl. Sure enough, as soon as we got home, I saw a friend on FB had adopted her.

We had another dog we were scheduled to look at that week, but that didn’t work out. She was an older dog that needed a good home due to a divorce situation, but she had some other issues that wouldn’t work out for us.

Even though we were disappointed those two dogs didn’t work out, we trusted that we would eventually find the perfect dog for us! We knew what we were looking for, we just had to find the perfect dog for us.

A few days later, we received a message asking if we wanted the dog we had seen at the pound. (Just that morning we were going to talk to another rescue about a dog they had.) There were circumstances that wouldn’t allow the sweet people who adopted her to keep her. There were lots of things that transpired and we had lots of people help is in making it work. So, 1 week ago tomorrow, the perfect dog came into our lives!

Her name at the shelter was “Jill” but we named her Sadie (because we liked the name & Duck Dynasty). She is 10 months old, house broken and she does great without a crate! She brings such joy to us! I only wish everyone could find an animal that brings them as much joy!


Sadie greets us at the door every day so happy to see us and jumping around and “talking” to us! She makes noises that sound like she is trying to tell us about her day! She snuggles with us and makes us laugh. She is a very quiet dog most of the time and is learning not to beg for food.


Please visit your local shelters and rescues if you are looking for an animal. We have several in our area that do great work in trying to find these animals good homes. Also, if you are unable to care for or keep your animal, please find someone who can. We appreciate the ones who called us. They can see pictures & video of the girl they cared for for almost a week. They loved her for us and we are now loving her for them. 😉